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We specialize in leveraging the power of LinkedIn to connect and engage with potential leads for your business. We work to provide a positive and meaningful experience for prospects that are primed for conversion.


LinkedIn Lead Generation

Connect your sales team with high-quality prospects on LinkedIn

Step-by-step LinkedIn

Lead Generation


Network Expansion

Our strategy involves connecting with your Ideal Customer Profile by identifying professionals with a higher chance of turning into leads.


Close Deals

You're instantly notified when leads respond, for you to close the deal.

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

For successful lead generation, we’ll create a profile with optimised profile picture, headline, and summary for a professional and compelling first impression.


Connection and Outreach

We craft personalized connection requests and messages to engage potential leads and initiate conversations. Maintaining a consistent and personalized approach to nurturing these connections, we aim to convert them into valuable prospects.



Our Clients

Why Businesses Choose Strive

"4 out of 18 leads converted into retainer clients within 3 months."

Impressed by his team's transparency and prompt communication. I tried other providers in the past and Strive was the only one to truly understand and portray my audience's pain points in the outreach messages. They really nail the email copy.

Alex Felman.jpeg

Alex Felman,
Founder at A Felman Web Design

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