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Our Founder
Bruno Nudelman

I have accumulated +10 years of experience in Sales. I began as a closer, progressed to managing the entire sales cycle, and eventually transitioned into a 100% prospecting role - quite the opposite of most Salespeople where they go from prospecting to closer.

This unconventional trajectory allowed me to have a unique approach to prospecting where I truly focus on building a cold outreach narrative emphasising the different pain points of your ideal client persona and your company's value propositions to spark enough interest to turn that cold contact into a lead.


Our Clients

Why Businesses Choose Strive

"4 out of 18 leads converted in 3 months"

Very solid results with 18 leads and 4 new retainer clients in 2.5 months. Impressed by his team's transparency and prompt communication. I tried other providers in the past and Strive was the only one to truly understand and portray my audience's pain points in the outreach messages. They really nail the email copy.

Alex Felman.jpeg

Alex Felman,
Founder at A Felman Web Design

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