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At Strive, we prioritize the protection of personal information and adhere to the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant legal frameworks. GDPR, a comprehensive legal framework governing data protection, particularly emphasizes the careful handling of personal information of individuals residing in the European Union (EU).

Understanding GDPR can seem intricate, but there are several key considerations when evaluating compliance. Take note of the following points and ensure your business practices align with these standards.

Legitimate Interest: Just as with B2B cold calling, B2B cold emailing is permissible under GDPR, provided there is a genuine 'legitimate interest' in contacting an individual. This interest is deemed legitimate under the following conditions:

a. Contacting specific individuals for specific purposes only.

b. Ensuring the communication holds potential benefits for both the individual and their company.

c. Using business email addresses solely for B2B communication.

Establishing Legitimate Interest: At Strive, we establish 'legitimate interest' by collaborating with our clients to:

a. Identify a relevant target audience for outreach.

b. Tailor messages specifically for the intended recipients.

c. Provide an option to unsubscribe from further communication if the content is not relevant.

Responsible Data Usage: We construct our contact lists using publicly available data and insights. In cases where clients wish to incorporate their own data, we ensure that such data has been ethically obtained and that all requisite agreements are in place.

If our assessment concludes that your proposed B2B prospecting activity falls outside the scope of 'Legitimate Interests' as defined by GDPR, or if any aspect of your approach violates the regulations, we regrettably cannot endorse the activity within regions subject to GDPR.

For a comprehensive understanding of GDPR guidelines, you can access the complete documentation at

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